Lonely Lovely Family

Patrick, Alex and Luna are family.



Patrick heard a sound that someone coming into our house.
He noticed that sound because he has been waiting someone.
"Good night" a man's low voice said.
"Yeah" a girl's voice said.
So he woke up and went to the room in front of his room.
There is Alex who is Patrick's brother in the room.
Alex is someone that he wanted to see even if he endure sleepiness.
Patrick opened a door slowly and invaded Alex's room.
Alex was about to sleep.

"Hey, where were you going with Luna?"

As always Alex replied curtly but Patrick didn't care that thing.

"What were you doing with Luna?"

Then Alex smile to sneer Patrick.

"You should ask Luna the truth when you sleep with her. She might say because she is good girl not like me."

He is nasty.
I haven't felt gentleness from he.
But we can't move back.
Patrick thought.

Patrick hugged Alex and said while burying the tip of nose in the neck.

"This smell of the rose doesn't match you."
"The smell of soap is strong used in such a hotel."
" You are honesty like her."

If you say such a stupid word, I must notice the truth, Patrick thought.
Alex is ticklish, he caught a chin of Patrick and kissed.
But it's not tender like kiss.
So Patrick twisted his body and show strange face.

"You taste like strawberry. Are you a child?"
"Not me, she is a little girl."
"Then, how about us?"
"What do you wanna be?"

In that way the drowsiness of the early morning disappeared calmly.

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